Uitleg van het Rapport van Autoverleden voor voertuigen uit België

What is a report of vehicles from Belgium?

Report for the vehicles from Belgium is a necessary help for everyone planning to buy a vehicle imported from this country. The report makes it possible to verify an offer made by a seller based on the information coming from official and legal sources only. It allows us to check technical parameters, vehicle history and mileage. Each report for Belgium includes:

  • Status of a vehicle
  • Identification of a vehicle
  • History of a vehicle
  • Date of the first and last registration
  • Last inspection date
  • Technical data
  • Exhaust emission and emission standard

1) Status of a vehicle

This section contains aggregate information about the current condition and history of a vehicle in Belgium. The “Status” item may warn us against cars after an accident or salvage cars. This section also contains the date of first registration and last change in a registry. You will also check the administrative status and legality of the vehicle in Belgium.

belgia raport

2) Basic information

This section covers basic information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, type of bodywork, number of doors, number of seats, colour or vehicle categories.


3) History of a vehicle

This section contains information on registration of the car in Belgium. A number of important statuses is presented here, namely the info on accidents, completeness of a car or its salvage status. The history of a vehicle also contains the dates of inspections and any recorded mileages of the vehicle.


4) Technical data

This section contains a detailed list of technical parameters of the vehicle in question. The individual items concern, for example: engine, mass and dimensions of the vehicle, trailer, and axles.


5) Exhaust emission and emission standard

The buyer may find the information about a fuel type, CO2 emissions, average fuel consumption or the emissions class valuable.

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